Donate to a Sponsored Project


Walnut Creek Village is a non-profit organization, solely supported by donations, membership fees and grants.  Any level of support is welcome and appreciated.

We need the infrastructure and equipment to help our volunteers provide the services we envision to help our senior citizen members to continue living safely and confidently in their own home.  We plan to provide volunteer drivers, computer support, and home repair services.

Personalized volunteer drivers – the #1 request

Volunteer drivers will be available for members, to drive members to and from appointments, grocery shopping and other errands.  This can include waiting and escorting members to and from an exact location such as a doctor’s office or laboratory. Even if you do drive, there are times in which you may need personal assistance, for example if you are getting your eyes dilated or undergoing minor outpatient surgery with anesthesia.

Walnut Creek Village members can expect volunteer drivers to provide service free of charge in addition to one-on-one assistance, should that be needed.


Computer Support

Do you need help installing software?  Do you have Internet connectivity issues?  Problems accessing your email?    Our volunteers, many who have technology experience, will come to your home to troubleshoot and fix your general computer issues.  Our volunteers will fix your basic computer needs as well as train you on using various applications for free!


Home Repair

Do you need a light bulb changed, have a leaky faucet, need to install or replace a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm – or fix a broken chair?  Walnut Creek Village volunteers who have knowledge and experience in making basic home repairs, will be available to assist members free of charge.

If a volunteer is unable to do the job, Walnut Creek Village will provide the names of professional handymen from our preferred provider lists.


Other services and Village activities

Dog walking/pet care, grocery shopping and meal preparation, gardening, companionship, phone check-ins, support groups and exercise classes are just some of the other free volunteer services Walnut Creek Village Members will receive.

In addition, the Village will put you in touch with qualified preferred providers – some of whom offer Village member discounts -- to help you continue living your life safely and confidently in your own home.




$55,000 GOAL

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Campaign ends 12/31/2027 at 06:00 AM (EST)